Starting next to Dartford Shooting Club at the end of Joyce Green Lane the run will start by heading out onto the Thames path. Once onto the path the 1km marker will be passed and then following the shore line runners will continue with the scenic Thames on their left hand side and the iconic Dartford Bridge up ahead. 2km is passed just before heading past the water treatment centre on the right hand side, the path continues forward to the new Amazon depot on the right and the 3km marker is reached on the path.
As you head towards the longest bridge to cross the River Thames you will pass the 4km mark, before going under the colossal structure which stands 137m tall at it’s highest point and extends to 2872 metres across our capital’s most famous river.
After heading under the bridge for just less than a kilometre you will turn just past the Clipper Boulevard at the 5km and halfway marker.
Turning around and heading back to the majestic Queen Elizabeth 2nd bridge you will pass 6km just before heading under the bridge for your final time.
The next kilometre marker of 7km is next to a jetty heading out into the river. If it is a hot day you may be tempted for a quick dip, we strongly advise you continue on your run !!
After going back past the water treatment centre you will have reached 8km and the last kilometre stretch (to 9km) along the beautiful Thames path before dropping down left onto the extremity of the Joyce Green Road and heading back to the Shooting Club to finish.

10KM COMPLETED !!! Well done !!!