Running gives us freedom from our everyday lives, whether we are at work or in education it feels great to grab a pair of trainers and get out the door to go for a run.

Meeting friends, club mates or running solo provides us all with the buzz to say ‘we’ve done it’. We’ve completed a run, whether it be round the block, an intense track session, 5km park run or a 10km race. Even a half marathon or marathon, all of us start by getting on our running trainers and heading out. Often in all weathers, sun, rain, wind or snow after a while us hardened souls get out regardless of what is thrown at us.

Completing training sessions, running a personal best time or indeed completing a distance for the very first time can all be individual achievements to be proud of. Sharing these running experiences within a running community is a big part of the enjoyment we all get from both training and racing.

We also bemoan all of our injuries, our hilly sessions and races, muddy and wet conditions and yet we still love it and come back for more !!!

RunHappyRunHealthy recognises running as an integral part of people’s lives both physically and mentally. Keeping us going at our toughest times and motivating us to push our limits.

Our company helps to raise much needed funds for hundreds of vulnerable young people in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Some may never have the chance to run, whilst others may be given that chance whilst in hospital care. We strive to make a difference for all of the young people who have just started their own journeys in life.

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